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Exit Planning

Odd, you may think, to be planning your exit when you're just starting out? But it's a key issue that you ought to consider: are you an entrepreneur who's interested in the idea and getting things off the ground before quickly selling up and moving on to the next idea? Or are you looking to set up a business and keep it until you retire? Will you only consider selling if your business gets too big? Or would you consider selling at any time if the offer was good enough? On these pages you can explore the many reasons you'd want to exit your business, and the many options open to you.

Making A Break For It
Deciding to sell your business is a once-in-a-lifetime decision, so make sure you get it right....

Succession Planning
Planning whether or how your firm will carry on after your retirement is a thought that many small-business owners avoid...

How to close down your business
There may be circumstances in which you need to close your business down....

Valuing your business
the success of a business is ultimately measured by its value....

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