Business Startup Informations


Starting Out
- So you want to start up and run your own business?
- choosing a name for your business
- How to set up a limited company
- How to set up a limited liability partnership
- Every small business owner should...
- working from home
- Top Tips for staying solvent
- Businesses need to protect their names
- A buyer's guide to office telephone systems
- Technical matters

- All you need to know about VAT
- Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme
- Early Warning Signals for Credit Management Survival
- Anybody can call themselves an 'accountant'
- Finance Basics for sole traders
- Top Tips for getting your tax return right
- Small business loans grants and finance
- A bank account for your business
- Cash is king
- Finance basics for small businesses
- Understanding customs duty and VAT

Legal & Insurance
- A small business owner's guide to the Data Protection Act
- Company Directors' Responsibilities
- Company Secretaries' Responsibilities
- Don't scrimp on getting proper legal advice
- Keep it legal - what must be included on your company stationery and invoices
- Business Insurance Basics
- Latin terms in contracts
- Definitions of contractual terms
- Financial terms - definitions
- Definition of property contractual terms
- Age Discrimination Legislation

- Marketing Basics
- Do you know your customers?
- Choosing the right sales channels
- Be careful how you promote your business
- Marketing is more than selling and advertising
- Calculating your break even figure
- Sales forecasting
- Promotional product trials - an alternative to traditional mass-marketing?
- What is RSS?
- Free resources to help you research your target market
- Small firms missing a trick on networking
- Google AdWords - affordable promotion for micro businesses
- Will your products sell online?
- Poor spelling and grammar are costing firms sales
- Understanding privacy and permission-based e-mailing
- How to get a good ranking on search engines
- Business telephone numbers explained
- Who can you call?

Running Business
- choose your virtual office supplier carefully
- My business address is...
- Renting or leasing business premises
- new years resolutions
- Is on-demand software the future?
- Occupiers give thumbs-up to landlords
- Top Tips for sensible email use
- Top Tips to improving security
- New laws affecting small businesses in 2006
- Top Tips for employing disabled people
- What can broadband do for your business?
- Operating your own business vehicles
- Ensuring the health safety and welfare of your employees
- Health and safety basics
- Workplace Health Connect
- Top Tips for saving energy
- Energy efficiency help and advice
- Maternity and Paternity rights and benefits
- Streamlining employment law
- TOP TIPS for more productive meetings
- New Edition - The Essentials of Health and Safety at Work
- How to use e-invoicing
- New fire safety responsibilities explained
- The murky world of domain name hijacking
- Guide to avoiding security breaches
- Tips for managing software licences
- How important is upgrading your computer?
- Keeping spam out of your business
- Tips for disaster recovery planning
- How to choose a PC or Laptop for your business
- How to choose a business broadband provider
- What to consider when buying a telephone system
- VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol and Internet telephony
- Low cost/high value software
- Find out what telecoms services are available in your area
- Top Tips for better time management

Growth Development
- Thinking of franchising your business?
- Increasing market share
- Diversification
- Top Tips for adapting to change
- Merging with or acquiring another business
- The challenges of growth
- Brussels urges firms to improve e-accessibility
- Poor reference checking costs firms dearly

Exit Planning
- Making A Break For It
- Succession Planning
- How to close down your business
- Valuing your business

Life Management
- Work-life balance
- When two worlds collide: balancing work and home
- Don't go to the gym. . . .
- Coping with stress in the workplace
- Work can endanger your health

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