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Top Tips for getting your tax return right

9.8 Million, self-assessment, tax returns were issued in 2004/05. The previous year saw 998,000 £100 penalty notices went out for late filing.

This top tips list is published by HM Revenue and Customs (formerly Inland Revenue) to help file returns correctly and on time.
  • A 'yes' tick is entered on one of the questions spanning page 1-9, and then the supplementary page has not been forwarded with the return.
  • Failure to complete the self employed section. In particular page SE3 from box 3.74 onwards.
  • Sending detailed information separately instead of being included on the form.
  • Entering 'per accounts' and/or 'information to follow' instead of entering actual figures on the form.
  • Not completing a separate supplementary page for each, individual employment.
  • Entering net figures rather than gross in box 14.11 of the core return (i.e. claiming insufficient relief where higher tax rates are payable)
  • Entering the capital expenditure figure in box 3.14 of the self employment pages instead of the capital allowances figure. (i.e. claiming excessive relief).
  • Not completing question 19 of the core tax return where a repayment is due. We will assume you wish the overpaid amount to remain on your record and set against future liabilities. (you have the right to choose).
  • Entering income in box 1.8 but not entering the deducted tax in box 1.11 on the employment pages.
  • Most Importantly if you fail to sign the return it will be rejected immediately!
For more help or information visit HMRC website Telephone the self assessment hotline on 0845 900 0444 The helpline is available from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.
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