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Google AdWords - affordable promotion for micro businesses

What are Google AdWords? If you have spent anytime surfing the net you would have seen the small ads, with a bold headline, two short lines for descriptive text and a web site link. You'll see them down the right hand column when you do a Google search.

Once you register for Google AdWords you create an ad in your account. You only have a few words to play with on each line and there is help on how best to word ads as well. Keep it focused on your product or service. From there you choose the keywords people are most like to type into a search when looking for your product or ones similar. The keywords are what you pay for, more popular ones cost more.

The more that keyword is in a search, and the more your ad gets clicked on, the more Google will suggest you pay for the keyword per click to keep you high in the rankings. Because competitors will also want to use the most popular keywords you are basically bidding against them for the right to use that keyword to rank you above them in the search results. Google has excellent help guides and information on all aspects of the service.

Daily limits on your spend are available and you can find out all the best keywords to use when making you web site search engine optimized. Where the ad is shown can also be targeted. You choose if you want it contained to the UK or even people in your city. The statistics provided enable you to see which keyword get the most clicks through to your site and converts to a sale.

The summary above about what AdWords offers is a good start. If wanting to find out more, check out the analysis AdWords has at the Google site, and Google AdWords guide for the financial aspects.
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