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How important is upgrading your computer?

Prices for computers have dropped and the specs have increased, tempting deals are everywhere. But thinking about what your needs are and how they are currently being met is a good idea to see if you need to upgrade, and in what way.

New Hard Drive?
Hard drives not only give you storage space they are also directly related to computer speed. If you run large files more hard drive can be very fantastic. It isn't an expensive upgrade and memory can often be doubled for under £50.
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Processor replacement is good for those who have a lot of windows open and once. It will also improve the quality of video and other audio-visual applications.

Increase PC Memory?
Increasing the Random Access Memory (RAM) is important if working with large graphic files or things like dictation software. Businesses using older computers can easily increase RAM in large amounts. For more information go here

Does upgrade mean more security?
Change operating systems can mean better security but it still needs monitoring carefully. Most computers come equipped with Windows, but open source options such as Linux and Apache can be used instead, as these suffer fewer attacks. The basic version of Linux is also free, and support is readily available on user bulletin boards and websites.

The best way to keep your PC secure is keep the operating system up to date. Patches need to be added to protect it from identified vulnerabilities and viruses. These are usually available via automatic updates.

Operating system patches are designed to 'plug holes' found and leave your computer open to possible exploitation. Microsoft releases patches for nearly all its operating systems (such as Windows 98, XP and Windows 2000) on a regular basis. In the case of particularly dangerous vulnerabilities, patches are released almost immediately. Check out the update site for more details. Other operating systems such as Apple are not as vulnerable because hackers concentrate on Microsoft as the most popular with users, but frequent upgrades are still a must.

How much does upgrading cost?
A computer upgrade can be achieved on virtually any business budget. It is dependable on how you are upgrading. The Internet has low-cost and free upgrades in the form of software add-ons and free downloads. Take a look at which includes free downloadable business software, clip art, PC health checks and spyware scans, and much more

Upgrades can have a lot of benefits to you business, saving time and creating more storage. Do your research and talk to a computer expert, preferably not one hoping to sell you one. Information is freely available.
For an idea of what changes may involve, a guide to upgrading - with photographs and diagrams can be found here.
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