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Find out what telecoms services are available in your area

Encouragement is given from the Oftel Small Business Task Force to telephone service providers to show coverage availability on their websites.

Use the following links to check services available in local areas.
Search by postcode.
BT ISDN and ADSL availability check

Check by telephone number.
ADSL Guide

A coverage map of BT's ADSL rollout, plus check by telephone number. BT broadband services site

Fixed Telecom Services
Search by postcode.

Mobile phone networks
All four GSM cellular phone networks claim to have coverage rates within the UK close to 100%. Coverage maps on site seem to differ by zooming in on areas not covered, or have a weak signal. Using mobile phones abroad seems hit and miss. The networks have varying agreements, and the majority offer web sites to check the countries with available connection.

Search by postcode and location:
O2's WebMAP

For details of coverage overseas:

Coverage check by postcode.

Search by postcode or map.
Orange coverage

Vodafone's coverage in the UK.
For international coverage visit:
Vodafone international roaming website.
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