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choose your virtual office supplier carefully

Price List
Checking to compare prices is often overlooked, but it is recommended to do so. There may be other charges to consider and perhaps some companies offer more for a higher price. Companies do structure their services so to be sure to be getting your money's worth ask for clarification from the service.

Visit the premises of the virtual office wherever possible. As this will essentially 'your office', make sure the building and location creates the right impression and feel. How they treat you is how they'll treat your customers. If they are professional and welcoming, and you'd feel happy with your most important client being handled by them, you have a good match.

Trading Address
Other things to consider are whether the location has meeting rooms you could use, can this be your registered office address, does the address offered have a suitable location for the business needs?

Telephone Answering
Is the office equipped to answer incoming calls quickly? Ensure they answer in a professional manner and know your business well. Check out the office hours they operate on and where do calls go after hours.

Other Contact Methods
Does the office support other contact methods, e.g. email or text messaging.

Mail Forwarding Service
Do they have mail forwarding? When will it be forwarded and at what intervals? Is collecting in person an option?

Communication With You
Find out the way in which the office will contact you. It's very important to see you are forwarded messages in a timely manner. Will the same person always contact you?

Trust your instincts. This is your business and you need to be completely comfortable with the office service.
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