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What can broadband do for your business?

Business is revolutionised by the internet and email. Dial up access is cheap, easy entry into the World Wide Web. With a PC, phone line, and modem, suddenly we could access the world in minutes. Even so, dial does have disadvantages:
  • Logging, or dialing in, each time to access the web or email.
  • The time taken to log in.
  • Slow Data download times and web page loading.
  • Ties up phone line for the duration of the session.
Broadband is an excellent option. Delivered by a cable modem or ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines), it eradicates dial-up problems, and it has some other benefits:
  • Connection is always open, no dialing in. You can respond in real time to customer orders or queries.
  • Email will arrive within seconds of being sent.
  • Provides faster data transfer speeds.
  • Use the ADSL line online or for emailing while making and receiving calls.
Other benefits include:
  • Flat monthly fee keeping costs predictable. Range of packages available suiting needs without paying extra fees.
  • Ability to network different locations or remote users to integrate office functionality
  • Bandwidth and capability for video conferencing with customers or suppliers.
  • Enabling home-based employees secure access to your network.
Business broadband services
Choose a service designed for business, it will make all the difference. Cost, quality of service and customer support will be improved.

Some providers of business broadband services

Demon offers 4 Business Broadband packages for small and larger businesses at costs ranging from £17.99 up to £40 per month*
BT Business Broadband provides a range of packages from £30 or £40 per month*
NTL Business Broadband provides Cable Modem or ADSL packages ranging from £34.99 to £49.99per month*
Fasthosts Internet provides a choice of 2 high contention ratio business broadband services for £35 or £50 per month*
TalkTalk Internet for Business provide bundled service for phone and broadband from £24.99

* prices correct as at November 2007
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