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Top Tips for employing disabled people

The Disability Rights Commission has ten basics to help you meet duties as an employer under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Applying these laws to differing situations is the best way to understand them.
  • How will the law affect you? Businesses who never consider this or attempt to meet their duties are the most likely to discriminate.
  • Talk to the disabled employee about adjustments they might need in order to do their job.
  • Discuss the DDA with staff. Finding solutions together is the most effective to bring solutions and raise awareness.
  • Employing disabled worker means you will be in a better position to cater for disabled customers.
  • Ask for advice. The DRC will help. Other help avenues are ACAS, the job centre, your local Business Link or Chamber of Commerce.
  • Treat disabled people like any other person, with respect and dignity. Treat them as equals.
  • The only requires you to do what is reasonable.
  • Never make assumptions about disabled people. A disability does not mean they are unable to perform a job effectively.
  • Reasonable adjustment does not always mean a big spend cost. Most adjustments cost nothing, and the average is £75. Most things are about doing things a little differently. There is also Access to Work which pays for many adjustments.
  • Don't shy away from employing disabled people. They can perform a job as well as others and can be a real asset to your company. If you make your work practices fair everyone will benefit.
Does your business comply with the Disability Discrimination Act?
The UK has 10 million disabled adults with an annual spend power of £80 billion. Making your business accessible to them make good business sense. provides a complete free access assessment of their premises.
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