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Top Tips for saving energy

The Carbon Trust estimates businesses could cut their heating, lighting and power bills by 10% or more. This would be without capital investment. With a little investment savings of around 20% could be made.

Keep business energy costs to a minimum. Follow these few simple guidelines:

  • 'Off' should be the default switch position in empty rooms and corridors.
  • Use minimal lighting overnight - this can save up to 15% of lighting bill.
  • The 'off' switch applies to computers and other office equipment such as photocopiers. Turn them off at power source when not using them.
  • Keep windows/skylights clean and clear. Use natural daylight wherever possible.
  • Keep light fittings clean.
  • Use compact fluorescent lamps, which last eight times longer than tungsten bulbs and use a quarter of the energy.
  • Don't overheat workspaces. 16C is the minimum for office environments, less for areas where strenuous work is carried out. Around 19C is the most comfortable working temperature for sedentary office workers but remember that for every 1C increase in temperature, costs rise by 8 to 10%.
  • Keep windows closed in cold weather. If too hot, turn the heating down.
  • Keep windows and doors open in hot weather.
  • Fit solar film onto windows to reduce the heat from direct sunlight.
  • Check thermostat position to see they are not located in draughts, near cold or hot spots.
  • Don't block radiators with furniture - it reduces efficiency and output.
  • Don't heat unused space.
  • Turn the thermostat down, or better still turn it off during non-working periods such as public holidays and weekends.
  • If you have air conditioning, only use it on days where temperatures are 25C or over.
  • Avoiding air-conditioning could reduce your energy spend by half.
Office equipment
  • Choose high energy efficiency rating for any appliances needed.
Cost management
  • Check your energy consumption (electricity, gas and oil,) figures regularly.
  • Give the business a set target to reduce energy consumption by a specific percentage each year.
  • Check your bills relate to actual usage and not an estimate.
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