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Energy efficiency help and advice

Energy efficiency has no current legal requirements for business to improve in this area. But energy efficiency makes sense and can benefit your business by:
  • Saving money on energy bills.
  • Allowing access certain Government incentives.
  • Helping to offset escalating fuel costs and environmental taxation.
  • Enhancing the business' reputation and competitive edge.
Renewable Energy
The majority of energy used in the UK comes from non-renewable fossil fuel. These resources need to be conserved and used wisely as much as possible. Burning fossil fuels contributes greatly to the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and to global climate change. BizzEnergy The largest independent supplier of electricity to businesses in Great Britian. Bizz Energy maintains a strong environmental focus with a number of renewable energy source products especially designed for small businesses.

Climate Change Levy
Government imposes this surcharge on business' energy consumption. It's partially used to provide a rebate on employers' National Insurance contributions. Climate Change Levy receipts also fund The Carbon Trust.

The Carbon Trust
Offers a range of online information and advice. A free telephone helpline is available along with a number of financial incentive schemes, all designed to help businesses to become more energy efficient.

Free site energy survey
Having energy expenditure greater than £50k per year qualifies businesses to apply for a free site energy survey to identify potential energy-saving measures.

Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme
U.K Businesses can claim 100% first year capital allowance on investments in energy-saving technologies and products. To qualify, choose from the Energy Technology List of products and technologies recognised by the Scheme as superior in energy efficiency.

Interest free energy-efficiency loans
Small businesses trading for at least 12 months can apply to the Carbon Trust for interest free loans from £5,000 to £100,000 with a maximum payback period of 5 years. These loans are for energy saving projects like energy efficient lighting, insulation or small combined heat and power plants.

Emissions Trading Schemes
Businesses showing significant reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide through improved energy efficiency can turn efforts directly into capital by joining the UK or the EU Emissions Trading Schemes.
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