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Streamlining employment law

A strategy paper published by the DTI sets out government commitments on employer relations. A crack down on rogue employers, protecting vulnerable workers and streamlining employment law are part of these commitments.

This action offers some protection to legitimate businesses by removing unfair competition from employers using illegal means to undercut them.

Key points of interest for employers include:
  • The possibility of the equivalence of bank holiday time made additional to annual holiday entitlement.
  • A comprehensive approach to identifying and helping vulnerable workers.
  • A crack down on employers operating illegally, e.g. not paying the national minimum wage or employing people not eligible to work in the UK.
  • Identifying ways to simplify employment law by reviewing discrimination law, redundancy payments and dispute resolution procedures.
  • Working with employers and HR professionals to work on voluntary employment standards to reduce compliance burdens on small business.

Success at Work - protecting vulnerable workers, supporting good employers Published in March 2006
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