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Businesses need to protect their names

Businesses run the risk of trademark claims against them by having failed to register their business names, according to the UK Patent Office. Only 20% of business registered their names, yet 44% of those surveyed were aware of the risks involved. They also thought they did not have enough protection. The Patent Office issued a reminder to raise awareness in the area of intellectual property issues.

The registration of a trademark can be seen as a major expense for very small business, and sole traders. But it does give your business name the extra protection it needs. If another business starts trading under the same trademark , or a similar one, it can impact greatly on your business. If a dispute arises you'll have to prove your brand has established a reputation. by having a registered trademark it's much easier.

Once you decide to register speak to a lawyer about the type of protection you will need. This is especially important if you do any overseas business. Registering only in the UK is enough for many businesses, but others may need a European patent. A lawyer will help you register an original trademark that wil not conflict with any already registered.

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